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If you want to stop the build after a step you are debugging, you can pass the
variable STOP to make:
- ct-ng STOP=some_step
+ ct-ng build STOP=some_step
Conversely, if you want to restart a build at a specific step you are
debugging, you can pass the RESTART variable to make:
- ct-ng RESTART=some_step
+ ct-ng build RESTART=some_step
Alternatively, you can call make with the name of a step to just do that step:
ct-ng libc_headers
is equivalent to:
- ct-ng RESTART=libc_headers STOP=libc_headers
+ ct-ng build RESTART=libc_headers STOP=libc_headers
The shortcuts +step_name and step_name+ allow to respectively stop or restart
at that step. Thus:
- ct-ng +libc_headers and: ct-ng libc_headers+
+ ct-ng +libc_headers and: ct-ng libc_headers+
are equivalent to:
- ct-ng STOP=libc_headers and: ct-ng RESTART=libc_headers
+ ct-ng build STOP=libc_headers and: ct-ng build RESTART=libc_headers
To obtain the list of acceptable steps, please call:
ct-ng list-steps