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cc/gcc: disable complibs if not selected
Force gcc to not link with some companion libraries when there are not needed (because selected-out). There is no option to tell gcc *not* to build the Graphite and/or LTO stuff. They *will* be built if gcc finds the suitable companion libraries. If we do not provide them, but the host has them, then gcc *will* find them, and link with them. Consider the following: - host has suitable PPL and CLooG (eg. Debian Squeeze) - user wants to build gcc>=4.4 - user de-selects GRAPHITE - gcc will find the hosts PPL and CLooG, and will use them - the user moves the toolchain to an older host that does not have them (eg. Debian Lenny) - the toolchain fails, when it was properly setup not to So, explicitly tell gcc *not* to use unneeded companion libs. Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
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