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cc/gcc: remove 'sub-level' version form symbols
Now we use defconfig files to store the samples, we have to be a bit more conservatives in the symbols names, so as to avoid gigantic version bumps when updating sub-level versions from a package. For example (using fictitious versions): - in crosstool-NG 1.17.0, we choose: - latest gcc is gcc-linaro-4.7-2012.10, which is the default for the choice in the menuconfig - gcc-linaro-4.6-2012.10 is selected - so, sample has an explicit symbol for the selected gcc version, as it is not the default - we update to crosstool-NG 1.18.0: - latest gcc version is gcc-linaro-4.7-2013.01 - gcc-linaro-46 has been updated to gcc-linaro-4.6-2013.01 - as the sample now has no *valid* symbol to set the gcc version, the default is used, while we would have expected to still use the 4.6 release from linaro, not the 4.7 Get rid of sub-level (ie. the third digit sequence in versions) from the symbols for linaro versions. Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
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