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authorBenoît THÉBAUDEAU" <>2011-07-28 20:09:31 (GMT)
committerBenoît THÉBAUDEAU" <>2011-07-28 20:09:31 (GMT)
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scripts/libc: do not build add-ons by default
Currently, no --enable-add-ons option is passed to libc configure when "$(do_libc_add_ons_list ,)" is empty, which makes configure automatically search for present add-ons. In that case, all present add-ons are built, although no add-on was selected by the user in the config. Moreover, this can make the configure fail if some non-standard add-ons like eglibc-localedef are present. This behavior also leads to an inconsistency from a user point of view between the following cases: - LIBC_ADDONS_LIST="", LIBC_GLIBC_USE_PORTS=n and THREADS="none" in the config, which makes "$(do_libc_add_ons_list ,)" return "", so all present add-ons are built. - LIBC_ADDONS_LIST="", LIBC_GLIBC_USE_PORTS=n and THREADS!="none" in the config, which makes "$(do_libc_add_ons_list ,)" return the add-on supporting the chosen threading implementation, e.g. "nptl", so only this add-on is built. This patch disables the building of all add-ons in that case. It is still possible to build all present add-ons by adding --enable-add-ons to LIBC_GLIBC_EXTRA_CONFIG_ARRAY. Signed-off-by: "Benoît THÉBAUDEAU" <>
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diff --git a/scripts/build/libc/ b/scripts/build/libc/
index 6e423b6..f57e9e9 100644
--- a/scripts/build/libc/
+++ b/scripts/build/libc/
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ do_libc_backend() {
case "$(do_libc_add_ons_list ,)" in
- "") ;;
+ "") extra_config+=("--enable-add-ons=no");;
*) extra_config+=("--enable-add-ons=$(do_libc_add_ons_list ,)");;