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2017-07-08Also upgrade non-generated config filesAlexey Neyman1-2/+2
2017-07-08Switch gen-kconfig to new frameworkAlexey Neyman1-2/+0
2017-07-08Fix the references to old config variablesAlexey Neyman1-17/+0
2017-04-23Get rid of config.genAlexey Neyman1-2/+2
2017-03-23Fix unclosed stringAlexey Neyman1-1/+1
2017-03-22Make creation of optionalAlexey Neyman1-0/+20
2017-01-21Typos in linuxthreads/posix config values.Alexey Neyman1-2/+2
2016-11-12Requested changes by @stilor in the PR #368 reviewDmitry Pankratov1-6/+6
2016-03-07MinGW: add C++11 posix threads supportDmitry Pankratov1-0/+10
2015-09-01Fix for issue #147:Jasmin Jessich1-0/+3
2014-07-27libc/mingw: threads are the native onesYann E. MORIN1-11/+2
2014-07-27libc: libces are responsible for naming their threads implementationYann E. MORIN1-5/+2
2014-07-27libc: rename the threads optionsYann E. MORIN1-16/+21
2011-05-31kconfig: remove useless 'default n'Benoît THÉBAUDEAU"1-5/+0
2010-12-12libc: hide no-thread for those C libraries that do not support itYann E. MORIN"1-0/+5
2010-11-23scripts/xldd: install only when shared libs enabledYann E. MORIN"1-0/+1
2010-07-30libc: do not offer cross-ldd for bare-metalYann E. MORIN"1-0/+1
2010-07-22scripts: add a cross-ldd-likeYann E. MORIN"1-0/+14
2010-07-11kernel: add mingwYann E. MORIN"1-0/+12
2010-07-11libc: add global threads support optionYann E. MORIN"1-1/+7
2010-06-08config: add support for a second part of the generated choicesYann E. MORIN"1-0/+2
2010-03-29config: fix style issues when source-ing filesYann E. MORIN"1-1/+1
2009-10-21libc/newlib: allow using newlib with archs other than avr32Yann E. MORIN"1-5/+8
2009-10-21config/libc: move around hidden config optionsYann E. MORIN"1-2/+2
2009-06-20Fix libc configMartin Lund1-1/+1
2009-06-20Misc AVR32 cleanups.Martin Lund1-5/+2
2009-05-22Added initial AVR32 support (bare-metal,newlib)Martin Lund"1-1/+5
2009-03-26Merge r1432:1437 from /branches/newlib into /trunk :Yann E. MORIN"1-4/+0
2009-01-31Add infrastructure to use common config files for generated config files.Yann E. MORIN"1-7/+0
2008-10-13Generate the choice menu for C libraries, the same way arch and kernels are g...Yann E. MORIN"1-49/+4
2008-09-14Enhance setting the minimum kernel version glibc will run against.Yann E. MORIN"1-31/+38
2008-09-14Introduce a new EXPERIMENTAL feature: BARE_METAL.Yann E. MORIN"1-6/+11
2008-08-27eglibc and PowerPC SPE documentaion, courtesy Nate CASE.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+7
2008-08-21Move the threading model choice back to the C library menu:Yann E. MORIN"1-9/+38
2008-08-12Typo.Yann E. MORIN"1-1/+1
2008-08-11Merge the branches/eglibc stuff:Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+12
2008-07-22Allow selecting 'latest' snapshot, as well as 'specific' date snapshot for gl...Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+13
2008-04-17Moving around the files in config/ broke the tools/ script.Yann E. MORIN"1-2/+2
2008-04-17Move config files around, and clean up the mess in the config/ directory.Yann E. MORIN"1-2/+2
2007-05-27Merge the NPTL stuff.Yann E. MORIN"1-25/+0
2007-05-14Move the whole threading ;odel choice out of glibc and into the generic C lib...Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+36
2007-02-24Add the full crosstool-NG sources to the new repository of its own.Yann E. MORIN"1-0/+36