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2017-07-08Convert gcc to new framework.Alexey Neyman273-24321/+0
2017-06-06Fix the newly added msp430 sample with other GCC versionsAlexey Neyman4-0/+216
2017-06-05New GCC releases from LinaroAlexey Neyman62-28/+0
2017-05-31Propagate xtensa fprintf fix to linaro versions.Alexey Neyman4-0/+294
2017-05-31gcc: xtensa: backport fix for incorrect code generationMax Filippov5-0/+368
2017-05-27patches: Fix gcc-linaro-6 with gcc7Kirill K. Smirnov1-0/+28
2017-05-27patches: Add patch that fixes gcc6 with gcc7Kirill K. Smirnov1-0/+28
2017-05-23Add patch from GCC #80037Alexey Neyman5-0/+65
2017-05-14Split the patch from CrystaX to separate commitsAlexey Neyman28-35140/+3100
2017-05-14Add sample Android config, gcc 6.3 patcheshyc3-0/+17647
2017-05-14Fix type mismatch in std::swap() argshyc1-0/+19
2017-05-14Fix for ctype change in NDK 14hyc1-0/+58
2017-05-14Preliminary bionic/Android supporthyc1-0/+17570
2017-05-12Add GCC 7.1.0Alexey Neyman10-0/+356
2017-02-28Add patches to Linaro GCCAlexey Neyman101-121/+8991
2017-02-12Backport -fPIC patch for CygwinAlexey Neyman2-0/+208
2017-02-12Add host configuration for cygwin64Alexey Neyman1-0/+11
2017-01-20Merge pull request #545 from dirkvdb/masterAlexey Neyman1-0/+10
2017-01-18Added patch for gcc compilation error with fortran enabledDirk Vanden Boer1-0/+10
2017-01-18Linaro 4.9 does not have a fix for build with GCC5/6.Alexey Neyman2-0/+259
2017-01-10Patch GCC to leave -framework alone.Alexey Neyman4-0/+56
2017-01-06Remove GCC 6.2.0Alastair D'Silva20-2958/+0
2017-01-06Bump GCC to 6.3.0Alastair D'Silva20-0/+2958
2016-12-06Backport the fix to 4.8.5.Alexey Neyman1-0/+138
2016-12-01gcc: backport fix for xtensa PR target/78603Max Filippov2-0/+70
2016-11-29Sync up with buildroot GCC 6.2.0 patches.Alexey Neyman11-166/+2243
2016-11-22gcc: backport fix for xtensa PR target/78118Max Filippov1-0/+318
2016-11-22gcc: don't use unwind-dw2-fde-dip with xtensa-elf targetsMax Filippov2-0/+124
2016-11-22gcc: fix libgcc build with --text-section-literals for xtensaMax Filippov1-0/+67
2016-11-22gcc: fix xtensa_fallback_frame_state for call0 ABIMax Filippov1-0/+108
2016-11-18Remove 4.9.3 patch directory.Alexey Neyman20-2030/+0
2016-11-18Add missing 4.9.3 patches.Alexey Neyman3-0/+175
2016-11-18add support for gcc 4.9.4Thorsten Johannvorderbrueggen24-0/+2193
2016-11-11Unbreak 4.9.3.Alexey Neyman1-1/+1
2016-11-11Merge pull request #468 from dajamminyogesh/masterAlexey Neyman8-0/+0
2016-10-31gcc: Updated gcc from 6.1.0 to 6.2.0Yogesh Sharma8-0/+0
2016-09-28Apply patch for config.gcc to support e6500 to gcc4.9.3Oliver Graff1-0/+29
2016-09-07gcc: Migrated patches from 5.3.0 to 6.1.0Yogesh Sharma8-0/+466
2016-08-24xgcc: Update gcc 5 to 5.4.0kozyilmaz33-151/+264
2016-08-23nios2: bad option reported in multilib_defaultsAlexey Neyman1-0/+28
2016-05-13patches/gcc: Backport fix for building gcc-5 with gcc-6Bryan Hundven1-0/+151
2016-03-15gcc: backport fixes that preserve FLAGS_FOR_TARGETMax Filippov4-0/+106
2016-01-03POSIX: Fix GCC 5+ plugin build failure on CygwinRay Donnelly1-0/+11
2016-01-03Cygwin + MinGW-w64: GCC 5+ plugin supportRay Donnelly1-0/+160
2016-01-03gcc: Update gcc 5 to 5.3.0Bryan Hundven24-14/+29
2015-11-30gcc: remove patches for removed gcc versionsBryan Hundven93-6970/+0
2015-11-13gcc: add xtensa-specific patches for 5.2.0Max Filippov1-0/+64
2015-11-13gcc: Sync patches with buildrootBryan Hundven58-112/+5062
2015-10-31gcc: Support only the latest branch releases of gccBryan Hundven539-78749/+0
2015-10-22musl-libc: backport gcc-6 musl support, add gdb and strace patchesBryan Hundven10-0/+825